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Opportunities and challenges for a sustainable energy future

TitleOpportunities and challenges for a sustainable energy future
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsChu, Steven, and Arun Majumdar
Date Publishedaug
KeywordsClimate science, Environmental science

Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy has been a cornerstone of the world's increasing prosperity and economic growth since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Our use of energy in the twenty–first century must also be sustainable. Solar and water–based energy generation, and engineering of microbes to produce biofuels are a few examples of the alternatives. This Perspective puts these opportunities into a larger context by relating them to a number of aspects in the transportation and electricity generation sectors. It also provides a snapshot of the current energy landscape and discusses several research and development opportunities and pathways that could lead to a prosperous, sustainable and secure energy future for the world.